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Chattanooga doesn't have an IKEA® yet, but that doesn't have to stop you from getting that beautiful new Hemnes dresser to match your bedroom suite! Home Sweden Home is a local, Chattanooga-based, family-fun IKEA® delivery and assembly service. All you have to do is submit your shopping list and we'll handle the 5+ hour drive from Chattanooga to Atlanta (and back!), navigate the crowded halls of IKEA®, purchase the items on your behalf, and bring it all the way back to your door (and if you want, we can assemble it too!)

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Why Not Do It Yourself?

IKEA® makes beautiful, cheap, and long-lasting furniture. But their delivery service is LACKing. Sure, you can drive to Atlanta, navigate the entire store, pick your items from their warehouse, load them into you car, drive all the way back, unload your car, and finally assemble the pieces yourself.

But is it worth it?

Home Sweden Home saves you time, energy, and money by taking care of all of this for you.
Shop Yourself
The trip is over 200 miles to Atlanta and back. The cost in gasoline alone is more than some items. Don't forget the Atlanta rush hour traffic ... or were you planning to shop at IKEA® on the weekend?
Use IKEA® Delivery
IKEA's delivery rates start at $169 for Chattanooga and the delivery is at their convenience, not yours. One-to-two weeks might be fine to wait for some, but not for those who have soccer practice, and vacations, and weekend family time.
Home Sweden Home
Your cost is only 25% of your total price. That's it. And we'll tell you exactly when we deliver.

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Our Services

We bring the full Swedish design experience to you. Make your home Home Sweden Home.
You simply give us your list, and we'll handle the shopping for you. Submit your shopping list using our order form below, or email us your IKEA shopping list. Want some Swedish meatballs or cinnamon rolls? Add those too!
The cost of delivery is only 25% of the total price of your order. We deliver at this price anywhere within the greater Chattanooga area. Live just a bit beyond Chattanooga? Let us know and we'll customize a delivery quote!
If you don't love putting together IKEA® furniture like we do, we can do that for you too! Contact us regarding an assembly quote.
Fill out the form below, and we'll respond with a custom quote via PayPal invoice. If you're ready to order, simply submit payment via PayPal. If not, reply to the email and let us know - we'll cancel it for you.
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